Feedback for backpocket e-pistles and Mike D
I think every college student can relate to backpocket e-pistles because the way each character expresses himself is so honest that it touches on the truths that filter thru all of our lives.

If I were to sum up the meaning and message of backpocket e-pistles it would be this: take life as it comes, as difficult as it might be, and enjoy life while you can!

Reading this book proved to me that my college experience is what I make of it. My dreams are my own.

I believe that many college students dream of a journey like that of mike d’s: freedom, travel, love and spontaneity.

backpocket e-pistles addresses many topics that college students deal with: women, drinking, smoking, sex, being broke, being depressed, and most importantly trying to be honest to yourself.

The personality of each character in this book is uniquely expressed by their passion and word choice in the everyday event of e-mailing a friend.

I really enjoyed reading this book because it let me know there are people out there that feel like I do.

These e-pistles are full of incredible musing, deep, funny, thought inspiring stuff for sure- It’s fun how they talk a lot like me and my friends, very cool.


Mike D read a selection from backpocket e-pistles, and it was beautiful piece of jazz poetry. Then he told  a story that was really entertaining, about hanging around in Vermont, drinking, getting high, tyring to outrun the cops, all to deliver to some girl a pink stuffed bunny rabbit! The story was super funny and entertaining. His reading was the highlight of English Fest.

Mike D’s story was the best reading of the week. I was there right with him for the duration of the story. I wasn’t even surprised that I was able to give him my full attention for so long, it was great. He’s definitely a good writer and a good speaker, I look forward to reading more of his works.

The stories Mike D told during English fest made me kind of jealous of his life. He once lived in the woods alone for a while and no one ever heard from him, cool. He goes out there and lives every day to the fullest because we all only have this one life to live. I think he is one of the coolest people I have ever encountered.

Mike Darigan, author and editor of backpocket e-pistles proved to be charismatic speaker with mellow demeanor. I found his reading enthralling, especially the story of the pink bunny rabbit. His true-life tale was spun in such a way that your catapulted into his narrative like you were in the seat of the car driving thru the back woods of Vermont with the cops on your tail. The story was so appealing cause it could happen to anyone. It was realistic. The elements of humor combined with Darigan’s relaxed persona heightened the entertainment. A quote from one his poems sticks with me “I put the barrel in my mouth and blew my brains out with poetry.’ I think this is a cool way to show how to release pent up emotions thru a word explosions.

I enjoyed Mike D’s performance the best. Hearing his story about the pink bunny showed me that writing doesn’t have to be in a specific form, and you can have fun while writing, and telling a story. Throughout the story of the pink bunny rabbit he showed so much creativity and passion which made it easy to listen to and understand.

After reading backpocket e-pistles, and seeing mike d, he was exactly as I pictured him. I caught myself wishing I was his good friend. He seems like an amazing person, and is obviously a talented writer. His pink bunny story was knee-slapping hilarious and down to earth.

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