A little about Mike D

Michael Darigan started writing as a crew cut freshman at the age of 18 in his cell block of a dorm room staring at a photo of Ireland taped to his wall. 
After a circuitous six year college career that included a year at Oxford University (where it is believed Mike D introduced Hacky Sack to Britain) Michael graduated without distinction and immediately embarked on a life of traveling and writing. For the next ten years he followed the promptings of his heart and traveled and wrote, unconcerned with any career or prospect of settling down and making a name for himself. On a journey of exploration Michael searched the world for the illumination and inspiration new places and new faces always provide. Michael's book In Real Life, Tales from a Wandering Writer is available in its entirety on his blog. Michael has many more illuminating, exciting, funny and sensual stories and personal essays that will have you wanting more out of your life, and perhaps inspire you to make it happen! Michael is available for speaking engagements or classroom visits to share his writing and life experiences as a free spirited, itinerant writer.

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