Michael Darigan writes short stories that dare readers to make the most out of their life. Michael's authentic and captivating voice shines through powerful and passionate impressionistic prose that celebrates slowing down, being sensual, aware and tangibly connected to each other and Nature. Michael chose to live on the periphery of so-called society, traveling and working various jobs, peering deep into a life that he began to realize as a young man, must offer more than the guarantee of work, material possessions and endless stress. His first book, backpocket e-pistles, is an intriguing and enlightening glimpse into the heads and hearts of conscious and curious young men told through e-mail letters that span one academic year. Mike D and friends discuss most of the issues and challenges young people deal with during the crucible of college life. A new version retitled Higher Ed, The Lost e-mails of a Generation is coming soon. Michael's first collection of short stories, In Real Life, Tales from a Wandering Writer is available on the blog listed here. Influenced equally by Thoreau, Bob Marley, Hunter S. Thompson and the liberating principles of Zen Buddhism, Michael shares his amazing stories through imaginative and inspirational writing that takes you into the heart of each story, where being true to oneself and having some fun is the ultimate goal.  
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